Twenty five thousand and one hundred and eighty five days of living!

Twenty five thousand and one hundred and eighty five days of living.

I’ve lived 25,185 days and some,
I’m growing old
Growing bold
Better that
Than growing cold.
I dyed my hair
The colour pink
And don’t really care
What people think
For now at last I’m free to do
The things I always wanted to
But fear and sense
Stood in my way
Without a word they had a say!
And so now, each day is a better day
Though still I’m careful what I say
In case I chase
My friends away
I make them welcome as they come and go
And still I scatter seeds in snow
And wait for flowers
I may never see grow.
But, my hair, I think
I like it pink
As strangers in shops
Stare and blink
They complement the way I think
They seem to know what
I’m trying to say
“I’m living my life to the very last day, my way”.

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  1. What lovely words you have written. Life is so short and I think in retirement we should do what we want after all as a child we do what we are told when married we do what the family want so in retirement we are free to please ourselves.

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