The Blue Haired Girl

I watched anxiously the massive crowd
through the floats packed with gays and happy people
Good people; like every gathering of pride
some unsure others over- confident
but i
i was looking for one in particular
she has blue hair
i spotted two blue-heads but not the one i love
i knew she was there somewhere but
perhaps she freaked out
and lost the rebel in her
to the conformist in her
fear, biting at her heart, and such a young heart
to feel so lost, and to think that
she may never be found or find her own self
hurts my gut and spreads shivers through my shaking soul
when vulnerability strikes
we sometimes have no defence; except

It was late in the evening when she returned home
i was informed after enquiring by phone

blue hair intact neither scratch nor sorrow showed
between the lines of a young life yet to be alive in this city
of seams, sown to perfection the tears that still scar who they really are!
bed-time came and went, and I wished I could
kiss her lovely face and pray again with her for grace…… to:
act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with her God.
For then i will know that she has lived and i can be happy.

It should be made legal that all grandmothers are allowed to be happy for their teenage grandchildren.

Roseleen Walsh

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