For Veronica


Long shinny black hair

that laced her smiling face

could take young men’s breath away who recognised

poetry in motion.

It gave an Italian look to one so beautiful when she sung

and graced life’s stage,

like a princess posing upon a throne.


The night out and lift home seemed normal.

She carried her own music

created for the heart willing to listen and

ready to re-create at the drop of a hat


everything stopped with a routine roadblock

as Ulster

(conceived with the spilling of innocent blood)

became the dirtiest word uttered by laughing men with drink in their blood

and blood in their stare;

long shinning black hair that laced her smiling face

now hung like a curtain, hiding the six bullet holes

in her head.

Rosemary Mc Cartney and her friend Patrick O Neill were taken from a taxi on the night of July 1972 and brought to a club in the Shankill Road by members of the UDA/UFF they were interrogated because they were Catholics and brought to a spot in Forthriver Drive North Belfast and murdered.