The Mall in Milano


They walk in droves through the mall
From every where
Except Gaze of course

The cleanest mall I’ve ever seen
No body parts around the floor
Kept so clean and neat – for all the fashionable feet
Who come from every country, city, street
Except Gaze of course

The mall, when the
rain showers pour down
Is protected by a glass ceiling designed to keep dry
The multinationals passing by
Unlike Gaza when the bombs are pouring
Everyone feels the pain as innocent blood flood the strip
And drip drip lives fade as if they’re only matter

The queue for ice cream (I notice) because I keep watching in the mall
Is never ending
One buys and another moves up closer to be served
But the queue never get shorter
Ice cream is a must have must taste unlike
The queue in Gaza, all about waste, queuing up to die,
Hiding does not deter the ‘Why’ Israeli planes throw from the sky
Their sweetest dish that maim or kill
Just because they can and will

No helium balloons allowed in the mall in case they cheapen its look

by sticking to the glass roof overhead
But bombs on Gaza are good enough to cheer
From high hills by sick Zionists
Real Jews would not take delight in the crucifixion of the crucified.


I observed on our last day a net across the arched entrance of the mall to stop the sea gulls soil the fancy hair do’s of the tourists below

And again, I think of Gaza
There are no safety nets to stop the bombs that rain down on the Palestinian people
Nor are there any sight of fancy heads
split and Spilled across the bleeding rocks
Sadly and madly
That ever-moving scene is too pitiful and painful to look at twice –
For the world to stop and stare… and still ….not care!