Can’t Breathe (video)

Can’t Breathe

Is it because of the poverty


the misery of being homeless


the empty belly going to sleep


no electricity to turn on or off



is it the lies

or maybe

the cries

the sighs

the collusion

the elusion

the drugs or alcohol or gambling

the two faces of politicians

the dark web


poor children

church mice

maybe it is the roll of the dice when we cannot win

fooled again, by those we trust

doing what’s wrong is becoming a must

living on Mars and feasting on dust

12 o clock new years eve

if we blink we might turn into rust

and I think of what brought my thoughts to this

The Judas Iscariot kiss?


the last breath of George Floyd

as he cried

“I can’t breathe”

for man doth not live on bread alone, nor eat

kind words to make him grow

but to live a life of love and sow, that love

above the ground

then like an echo circling round

we will never hear again the sound

of those words

that broke our mind

but only those that simply say

‘I can breathe today’

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