Syria’s defiant women
refuse to be silenced,
to live with dignity or die
is their immortal cry.
i heard Serene who defends
protesters in court, say:
(when asked if she was afraid)
“I am a brave heart”
Serene, i hope you can hear
all women of the world say:
“You Syrian Women are all brave hearts”

and we stand with you so you stand not alone
for we know the tears the blood the fears
arrests and torturers taunts and techniques
the darkened cell a prelude to hell with
the promise that you’ll be next.

they beat you and shoot you
with plastic and lead to make
a lullaby for Bashar Al Assad
to give him sweet dreams
as he’s going to bed

let not our voice be a distant whisper
let us march or shout or sing or write
in solidarity for every Syrian Sister
who protests for democracy and justice
peace and freedom in her life time!

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