I’ll be updating what I’m doing in The Home Page.
I finished writing a new play Nora a few weeks ago. The play is about a Belfast mother who was shot and killed by the RUC hours after hunger striker Joe Mc Donnell died on hunger strike in July 1981. I am now in the finishing stage of another play called The Aylesbury Experience which is about 3 women political prisoners after the 1916 Rebellion in Dublin. The historical characters involved are Winnie Carney, Helena Malony and Countess Markievicz. I’ll keep you all updated when it’s finished.

Actively what I’m starting tomorrow night is a reading of an older drama I wrote many years ago called The Cleaning Lady. It was a successful drama in that we had full houses every night for about 6 or 7 performances in all and a fantastic feed back. The drama is about a cleaning lady called Jean who is always getting the sack because she’s always mistaken for the boss by unsuspecting clients. It’s a comedy drama and hopefully will be a great experience for all involved when rehearsals commence in January 2019.


  1. Hi Roseleen good to hear you are re doing cleaning lady I remember that it was fantastic. The play about the 1916 trio sounds good. Good luck with it see you on Wednesday. RITA


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